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Join “The Flutter” – Our WWAV Community

“The Flutter” – Our WWAV ‘Vision Focused’ Mastermind Community

Christ-centred Personal Growth and Vision Development for Women

WWAV Effect Principles

  1. IGNITE Your Passion!
  2. Influence others with your Gifts and Talents.
  3. Invoke Positive Change within your sphere of influence.


Did you know?

Did you know that a group of butterflies oftentimes are called a flutter because of the fluttering sound of their wings when they’re all flying together?  And a group of caterpillars–are referred to as an army.

Our WWAV Community provides a safe and nurturing environment for women of faith to support one-another through business, personal and spiritual challenges.  We are a community of like-hearted individuals who share experiences, encouragement, prayer and potential solutions.  We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and we’ll also be the ones to hold you not just accountable, but “capable” knowing you’ve got it in you to succeed with every plan and purpose God has for you.

WWAV Membership Benefits…Beyond Just Networking!!

Become a WWAV Member (WWAVpreneur) and gain access to a growing library of resources that can help you turn your vision into reality!
Whether you are a Business Woman, an Entrepreneur, a Stay-at-home Mom, Ministry Leader or all the above, WWAV has the tools that can spur you on to the next level.

Do I have to own a business to be a part of WWAV?

No, you don’t have to own a business to be a part of our WWAV Community.  WWAV will help you discover and implement your God-breathed Vision no matter what that might look like.  Often times your vision may be accomplished through a business or ministry-type structure.

Become a WWAVpreneur & Gain Access to:

  • WWAV Newsletter and selected articles
  • Special WWAV Members only calls and events
  • Discounts on selected WWAV Products, Services & Events
  • Selected WWAV Conference Calls and Online Training
  • Discounts on participating WWAV Affiliate Products, Services & Events


Participating as a WWAVpreneur can help you…

  • Receive spiritual support and potential solutions to your personal and business challenges in a safe, enriching environment.
  • Experience incredible personal and professional growth as you share experiences with a group of like-minded women of faith who genuinely want to see you succeed!
  • Grow your vision with value-aligned, Christ-centred personal growth and entrepreneurial development programs.
  • Build and develop life-time business and personal relationships to support you on your journey.
  • Save time, money and effort by using our WWAVpreneur Directory for those quality products and services you need access to.
  • Stay on target through invaluable resources, accountability and momentum when working in a synergistic group of like-minded (and like-hearted) women of faith.




Silver Membership


Free for a limited time!

  • Access to WWAV Newsletter and selected articles
  • Mastermind Group Meetings
  • Discount on selected WWAV Products, Services & Events
  • Access to selected WWAV Training
  • Discounts on participating WWAV Affiliate Products, Services & Events

Gold Membership


Silver Membership benefits plus:

  • Access to in-depth training: On-line videos, Webinars, Teleconferences
  • 10% discount on all WWAV Products, Services and Events
  • Access to WWAV Affiliate discounts
  • Invitation to Member Only Events

Platinum Membership


Gold Membership benefits plus:

  • Weekly facilitated group coaching calls
  • WWAV Team Calls (Accountability Calls)
  • Weekly Touch-point call
  • Access to Member Directory

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