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‘No More Junk In Your Trunk!’™

Book Finally Out. 


Press Release

NMJT Press Release

October 5th, 2013

Milton Author, Tristin Burns has released her long awaited book and program, “No More Junk In Your Trunk!™  30-Day De-clutter and Nutritional Cleansing Journey”. 

“’No More Junk In Your Trunk!™’ moves people from a state of inertia…”, says Tristin.  “Many people know it’s time to do something about certain situations in their lives, but oftentimes feel stuck and in a holding pattern.  It could simply be the fear of change or more distinctively, fear of the unknown and not knowing where to start.”

This book and accompanying program provides the reader with a step-by-step guide to help them move beyond their present circumstances.  Achievable 15-minute activities, over a 30-day period, will enable you to overcome procrastination and accomplish tasks you thought were almost impossible.  The book can be completed as a self-study or you can participate in the accompanying teleclasses for additional support through the program.

No More Junk In Your Trunk!™ is a holistic approach to transforming the four core areas of your life:

  • Spiritual (your relationship with God)
  • Soul (your emotional being)
  • Body (exercise and nutrition)
  • Environmental (de-cluttering and purging your surroundings) 

Tristin is a dynamic speaker, author, and transformation expert whose heart is to empower, and encourage others to discover their true passion and purpose.  As President and Founder of WWAV-Women With A Vision, an organisation focussed on personal growth and entrepreneurial development, Tristin has impacted the lives of many women.  Her unique style of mentorship, and her experience as a Certified Christian Life Coach, facilitates the unfolding of willing hearts to follow God’s plan for their lives.  Tristin has worked extensively in the areas of business, people management and change management for over 20 years specialising in the Financial, Technological and Educational sectors.

For information about upcoming events or to purchase your copy of the book, please visit or contact 416-937-0148.

‘No More Junk In Your Trunk!™’ 
Spring cleaning for your spirit, soul, body and physical environment.


Photo courtesy Calvert Byam, C.Dot Photography
Author, Tristin Burns (CCCL) with Guest Speaker, Delford Blythe (C.G.A., Vice President & CFO Intercity Broadcasting Inc.)

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