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Hey Ladies, you know you were created for something incredible, but are you still searching to understand how to walk that out?  If you are in transition this is a great place to start figuring out your next move with God.

Do you have a IDEA, DREAM, or VISION that God has placed on your heart, but just don’t know where to start?  It’s not a coincidence that you found our site!  Whether your vision is to write a book, start a business, ministry, or social initiative, we can help you develop and implement your God-breathed Vision.

No More Junk In Your Trunk! Program Description

30-Day FRESH FOCUS Challenge

Positive Change

Choose Your FOCUS Change Your Lifevision_focus_flyer

Choose just 1 area in your Personal Life and 1 area in your Professional Life to focus on over the next 30-Days.

It’s time to LOOK and FEEL amazing in that cute summer dress!  Finally FINISH (or at least get started) writing that book God laid on your heart so many years ago!  Or get on track to making a major PROFIT this month in your business!  Whatever you choose to focus on is up to you… but choose.  This is your opportunity to get moving with a group of Sistas who will have your back in prayer and encouragement!

No More Junk In Your Trunk! Program Description



No More Junk In Your Trunk!™

30-Day Life De-clutter and Nutritional Cleansing Journey

Spring cleaning for your Spirit, Soul, Body and Physical environment

If the term “Too much junk in your trunk” applies to you in more ways than one… this program is for you!

This fun, life-impacting program will help move you forward at whatever stage of life you may be. No More Junk In Your Trunk!™ will inspire you to take small consistent actions daily to improve these 4 major areas of your life. With doable 15-minute activities you will find yourself overcoming procrastination and accomplishing tasks you thought were almost impossible, turning even tiny mustard seed-like faith into 20-foot tall mustard trees.  All it takes is a little bit of faith for God to do something BIG through you!

No More Junk In Your Trunk! Program Description

Join “The Flutter”

Our WWAV Community

“The Flutter” our WWAV Community provides a safe and nurturing environment for women to present personal, professional and spiritual needs before a community of like-hearted individuals to receive encouragement, prayer and potential solutions.

The Butterfly Groove™ – Vision Development Series

Are you a Woman With a Vision with an entrepreneurial design?

Has God placed an amazing vision on your heart, but you have no idea where to begin?


ButterflyGroove_promo914x374Whether it is to write a book, start a business, ministry, or social initiative idea, The Butterfly Groove™ Vision Development and Mentorship Program is designed for Women like you… Women who know they were created for more, but may not know what that looks like yet.



The WWAV Butterfly Project™
Coming Soon!!

Life Transformation Series for Single-parent Families

Building healthy families and communities… one butterfly at a time.

The WWAV Butterfly Project (TM) is a life transformation program for Single-Mothers and their children.  The program is designed to allow these women and thhome_pg_bottom1eir families to successfully make positive life-changes that will impact their homes and communities at large.

WWAV works with a select group of Single-mothers and their families to help them create and implement a values-based ‘Family Plan’ to help move them all forward individually and corporately as a family unit.




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