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WWAV – Tristin Talks VISION

WWAV - Tristin Talks VISION

Tristin Burns, President, Founder and Vision Strategist

WWAV - Women With A Vision

As a Vision Strategist and Entrepreneurial Coach, I have the privilege of working with many wonderful individuals and organizations helping them to discover, develop and implement their God-Breathed Vision. Do you have a compelling Vision to start or expand a Business, Ministry or Social Initiative? I‘m on a Mission to… IGNITE Your Passion, help you INFLUENCE others with your Gifts and Talents; as you INVOKE POSITIVE CHANGE within your sphere of influence… improving your home, community, and world at large!  
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WWAV TV – Episode 3 – Cheryl Dickson Neal

Canadian Gospel Music Award Nominee, Cheryl Dickson Neal

is a Hamilton, Ontario based singer, songwriter, pianist and recording artist who has dedicated her life to perfecting her craft and touching the lives of many through her music. From the soothing sounds of her spiritually-inspired, spontaneous piano performances on her new Instrumental album Precious Peace to her deeply honest and emotional lyrics of her debut Inspirational album, My Prayer, listeners are experiencing God’s hope and healing through her gift of music and are inspired to overcome life challenges through God’s grace and strength.

WWAV TV – Episode 2 – Aisha Francis

WWAV TV - Episode 2 - Aisha Francis

Aisha Francis, Founder and Executive Director Project Restore FIBI (Families Impacted by Incarceration)

Aisha Francis is forging a tenacious path as a leading critical thinker, keen visionary and authentic voice in the social and criminal justice arena. She is the founder and Executive Director of Project: Restore FIBI, a non-profit organization that is restoring ‘families impacted by incarceration’ (FIBI) by addressing and mitigating its adverse effects to keep them intact and thriving.

WWAV TV – Episode 1 – Liliane Bahloul

WWAV TV - Episode 1 - Liliane Bahloul

Liliane Bahloul, CEO and Founder, Empower Businesses for Education Management Services.

As Vice-principal in a French school board and Ontario Certified Teacher, Liliane served in the Ontario public school system for over 15 years. Her vision for improving education by working with all stakeholders and other partners in education has caused her to challenge the status quo, inspiring parents, teachers and students to live in alignment with their integrity.

Welcome to WWAV TV

Welcome to WWAV TV

WWAV TV a brand new Internet Talk Show showcasing God’s Women With a Vision.

Our special guests are making societal changes within the family, media and entertainment, government, education, and judicial systems. Ordinary women just like us, doing extraordinary things with God.

Each of our interviews have been recorded at a Live WWAV Event with WWAV TV Host, Tristin Burns.

Join the Movement!

Join the Movement!

WWAV-Women With a Vision invites you to be a part of an inspiring movement to Ignite | Influence | Invoke Positive Change as you discover and implement your God-breathed Vision.

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